Good habbits in Children : A Great life ahead

Do you want to teach your kids some good habbits?

As a parent it is always a challenge to teach right habbits to your kids to be creative, to be suucessfull, and prosper in future adult life.

Good habits aren’t developed automatically.  Our kids learn a good portion of their behavior from us, their parents as we are their role models. The first step towards teaching my kids good habits is to clean up my own act! Parents have an important responsibility to teach their kids the behaviors and habits necessary for a great life. 

A habit is an automatic pattern of behavior repeated regularly.  Basically, the way we act is a sum of our habits.

Here a list of some top good habbits which every parent would like to teach their children:

1.  Be health-conscious and eat right

I want to teach my kids to think about how they treat their bodies. Imparting knowledge about various foods, and teaching them to eat right food is very crucial for their physical and mental devekopment.

2.  Get plenty of rest

As per Medical scinece, eight hours of sleep a night is very important to our physical and emotional health.

3.  Become a good reader

Books, blogs and other written materials are excellent sources of new learning.  Good readers enjoy reading and therefore do it more often. 

4.  Be truthful

I believe setting the right example here is crucially important.  For my kids benefit, I want to tell the truth even when it isn’t easy.

5.  Work hard

Every great work needs hard work, and it important that your children undertsand it from beginning. The habit of doing a job well is passed down from parent to child through the expectations we set.

6.  Be financially wise

Schools rarely, if ever, teach children sound personal finance principles so, it is imperative that we as parents do this.

7.  Have fun and be silly

It is also important to teach your children to have fun and play.

8.  Try new things

As a parent ensure that you teach you kids to try new things. This not only increases their curosity about life and other things, but also enriches their knowledge.

9.  Exercise your creativity

Teaching your kids Art n Craft and Coloring is important to nourish their creativity. These habbits alo useful in reliving stress in routine daily life.

10.  Be a leader

Teach your kid to be a leader, Good leader. Leadership qualities take time to develop, so it is vital that you start imparting these qualities in your child at an early stage.

All these habbit will ensure your children have good life, and flourish in their future.

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Priyanka Goel

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